A) Lymph node cells (LNC) isolated from MBP-immunized donor female SJL/J mice were re-primed with MBP in the presence of either PTIO (50 M), or DETA-NONOate (DNO; 100 M). After 4 days, viable non-adherent cells (2 x 107) were adoptively transferred to nave female SJL/J recipient mice via tailvein injection. B) Donor mice were immunized with MBP as described under methods section, and on 2 and 8 day post immunization (dpi), mice were treated with either PTIO (100 mg/kg) or saline as vehicle via i.p. injection. On 12 dpi, mice were sacrificed, and LNC were further primed with MBP (50 g/ml) for 4 days followed by transfer of viable non-adherent cells to nave recipient mice. Six recipient mice (n=6) were used in each group. Mice were examined for clinical symptoms daily. Data are mean SEM of six mice per group.
Figure 2: Effect of NO modulators on the encephalitogenicity of MBPspecific T cells