Splenocytes isolated from MBP-immunized iNOS (-/-) donor mice (B6.129) were further primed with MBP in the presence or absence of DETA-NONOate (100 ÁM). After 4 d, CD4+ T cells were purified and 5 X 106 MBP-primed CD4+ T cells were adoptively transferred to na´ve female SJL/J recipient mice. Similarly, MBP-primed T cells from WT B6.129 mice were also transferred to na´ve female SJL/J mice. T cells from three different donor mice were transferred to six different recipient mice. Mice were examined for clinical symptoms daily. Data are mean ▒ SEM of six mice per group.
Figure 4: Knockdown of iNOS reduces the encephalitogenicity of MBPspecific T cells