On 14 dpt, spinal cord (A & B), and cerebellum (C & D) of HBSS-treated (normal), MBP-primed T cell-treated, PTIO-incubated MBP-primed T celltreated, and DNO-incubated MBP primed T cell-treated mice were analyzed for the mRNA expression of iNOS and IL-1 by semi-quantitative RT-PCR (A & C). Relative band density is presented in B & D. Data are expressed as the mean SEM of five different mice per group. ap < 0.001 vs HBSS (normal); bp < 0.001 vs MBP-primed T cells; cp < 0.05 vs MBP-primed T cells.
Figure 6: Expression of proinflammatory molecules in spinal cord and cerebellum of mice that received MBP-specific T cells