Figure 7: Caspase-9 promotes mitochondrial disruption and nuclear damages. (A) JMR cells and JMR cells reconstituted with caspase-9 (JMR-C9) were lysed for caspase-9 Western blot. Membrane was re-probed with anti-GAPDH as a loading control. (B) JMR or JMR-C9 cells were treated with 500 mJ/cm2 UV-irradiation, followed by culture for 3, 6 or 9 h. Cells were fractionated into cytosolic and particulate preparations at the indicated times. Western blotting was performed for the indicated proteins. Membranes were re-probed with anti-actin or anti-VDAC antibodies as loading controls. (C) Mitochondrial membrane potential of JMR and JMR-C9 cells was determined at the indicated times using TMRE. (D) JMR and JMR-C9 cells treated as in (B) were used for Western blotting. Membranes were probed with the indicated antibodies. Arrows denote caspase-cleaved protein fragments. Asterisks denote degraded or non-specific protein bands. (E) Cells treated as indicated were cultured for 16 h. DNA fragmentation was measured by analyzing sub-diploid DNA content with propidium iodide. Results are representative of at least two experiments.