Figure 10: Specimen of soleus muscle, experimental side, 6w group. Parallel sections processed for desmin (a,c) and NK-1R (b,d) immunolabellings. Myositis area in (a,b) and normally appearing muscle area in (c,d). Muscle fibers in (a) show a strong and non-striated desmin immunoreaction pattern, whilst the muscle fibers in (c) show the characteristic desmin striated pattern. Point-like NK-1 R immunoreactions are detected in the fibers in (b) (arrows) but not in those in (d). In the inset in (a), the corresponding muscle fibers in a parallel section processed for TNF-alpha mRNA are shown in low magnification. There are patchy mRNA reactions (arrows). Asterisks at corresponding locations in (a-c). Bars=25 μm.