Figure 3: Higher infiltration of proinflammatory immune cells in the CNS of PD-L1-/- vs. PD-L2-/- mice.
On Day 24 post-immunization, mononuclear cells isolated from brains of control and E2-implanted WT, PD-L1-/- and PD-L2-/- mice were analyzed for: A) Total live cell numbers counted on a hemocytometer; and B) CD11b+CD45high infiltrating monocytes/activated microglia and CD11c+CD45+ dendritic cells (DCs). Frequencies of monocytes/microglia and DCs were determined in individual brains processed and indicate the percentages of total gated live leukocytes (n=6-8). Data are representative of 2 independent experiments (mean ± SEM). Significant differences between the groups (*p ≤ 0.05 and **p ≤ 0.01) were determined using One-way ANOVA with one way analysis of variance and Newman-Keuls Multiple Comparison post test and are indicated by brackets.