Table 1: Clinical course of EAE in WT, PD-L1-/- and PD-L2-/- mice*.
Mice Incidence Onset Peak CDI Mortality
WT Ctrl 8/8 15.3±1.3b 4.6±0.1 38.5±5.1b 0
WT E2 1/8 20.0±0a,c 2.0±0a,c 0.9±0.8a,c 0
PD-L1-/- Ctrl 6/6 11.1±0.4 4.6±0.1 55.2±2.8 0
PD-L1-/- E2 5/6 14.9±0 3.6±0.3a 33.3±5.4a 1
PD-L2-/- Ctrl 7/8 11.7±0.6 4.4±0.4 33.9±6.7b 0
PD-L2-/- E2 0/8 0±0a,c 0±0a,c 0±0a,c 0
asignificant (p ≤ 0.05) as compared to respective Ctrl group
bsignificant (p ≤ 0.05) as compared to PD-L1-/- Ctrl group
csignificant (p ≤ 0.05) as compared to PD-L1-/- E2 group
*Statistical evaluation of EAE disease course for WT and PDL1-/- and PD-L2-/- Control and E2-implanted mice, including the Cumulative Disease Index (CDI), through Day 24 post-immunization for the 2 experiments (n=3-4 mice/group/ experiment). The daily disease scores from pooled data and corresponding CDI data from each of the three independent experiments (mean ± SEM) are presented. Additional information for the experiments is shown in Figure 1.