Figure 1: Characterization of clinical pathological state of EAE in RR mouse model. A. EAE was induced in SJL mice using PLP139-151 peptide emulsified in CFA and clinical score was recorded daily (n=10). The healthy group was given CFA without peptide. Arrow represents the day when tissues/plasma were harvested for analysis. B-C. Percentage of spinal cord quadrants containing spinal cord white matter inflammation and demyelination (mean ± SD; n=5). D. Absolute number of axons counted in six areas of a mid-thoracic spinal cord section. P<0.01 and P<0.001 compared to healthy group. E. Recall response in cells isolated from lymph nodes, stimulated with 20 μg of PLP139-151 for 72 h. Cell supernatant was used for measuring the levels of IFNγ and IL17 by ELISA (n=4).