Figure 2: Effects of alemtuzumab on median lymphocyte and leukocyte counts over 36 months in the CAMMS223 Phase II study
Alemtuzumab rapidly depleted the circulating T- and B-lymphocyte subsets studied (CD4, CD8 and CD19) after each treatment course. CD4 (A) and CD8 (B) T cells reconstituted gradually after each treatment course without reaching baseline values. Median B-cell values returned to baseline and remained within normal ranges 6 months after each treatment course (C). Circulating monocyte, eosinophil, and basophil cell counts were minimally or transiently affected after each treatment course. The mean number of circulating neutrophil cells initially increased (while remaining within normal limits), but normalized within 4 weeks (D). NR=normal range; vertical reference lines represent alemtuzumab dosing; grey, horizontal lines represent the lower limit of normal. (Data from Coles et al. [36]).