Figure 5: L-NIL and uric acid block down-regulation of myelin gene expression from IL-1β activated human primary astrocytes in astrocytesoligodendrocytes transwell cultures: Human primary oligodendrocytes were treated with PTIO and Uric acid. Primary human astrocytes seeded in inserts were stimulated with 10 ng/ml IL-1β under serum free conditions for 6 h. After 6 h of treatments, IL-1β medium was replaced by fresh medium and placed in oligodendrocytes culture well for 24 h that were already pretreated with uric acid and Carboxy-PTIO. After 24 h, oligodendrocytes cells were collected for PLP expression. The expression of PLP and MOG mRNA was analyzed in cells by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and real time PCR (A & B). Results are means ± S.D. of three different experiments. p<0.001. Oligodendrocytes were immunostained with PLP and MOG (C). Figures are representative of three independent experiments.