Figure 1: Tofacitinib prevented IL-23 induced skin inflammation. (A) Ear thickness was measured before and at multiple time points after injection; results are reported as mean ± SEM following 7 intra-dermal injections of 150 ng of IL-23 or saline in a total volume of 25 μl every other day. Mice (6 mice per treatment group) were dosed prophylactically with twice daily treatment of various quantities tofacitinib, twice weekly anti-p40 Ab or negative control vehicle starting on Day 0. (B) At study termination, mice were sacrificed and ears were harvested for H&E stain. Graph represents semi-quantitative inflammatory infiltrate scores on H&E sections. Each symbol denotes a single specimen, and horizontal bars indicate the mean of scatter plots. (C) Representative immunohistochemistry images of pSTAT3 staining of the ear sections from (B). H&E and pSTAT3 sections were evaluated by board certified pathologist blinded to the treatment conditions.