Figure 4: Tofacitinib is efficacious in CD45Rbhi adoptive transfer skin inflammation model. (A) Disease severity in CB17 scid/scid mice receiving CD4+CD45RBhiCD25- cells and twice per day of 30 mg/kg tofacitinib starting immediately before the adoptive transfer. The mean disease severity scores are reported for 10 mice from each group ± SEM *p<0.05 starting on Day 24, comparing the two groups. (B) Representative images of H&E and pSTAT3 stained ear sections from mice treated with tofacitinib. (C) At study termination, real time RT-PCR on RNA isolated from individual mouse ears from each group for each indicated cytokine. Results reported as mean ± SEM. All data represent the mean of at least two independent experiments n=10 for each treatment group.