Figure 1: The frequency of Candida species from the three different oral sites in two patient groups. C. albicans was the most prevalent on the denture out of the three sites in denture stomatitis patients (19/42; 45%), followed by Candida glabrata (4/42; 10%) and C. tropicalis (3/42; 7%). In the non denture stomatitis group, C. albicans was the most prevalent again at the denture site, found in 10/51 (20%) followed by C. parapsilosis (5/51; 10%) C. glabrata (2/51; 4%), and C. krusei (2/51; 4%). When the results for the three sites were combined, C. albicans was again the most prevalent species in the denture stomatitis group (24/42; 57%) and in the non denture stomatitis group (11/51%; 22%).