Figure 10: Spatial variability in RGC uptake of CTB coincides with morphological variations in spatially-coincident astrocytes. Representative confocal micrographs of wholemount retina from young C57 (A), aged C57 (B), young DBA/2 (C) and aged DBA/2 (D) mice with anterograde tracing of CTB (red) and immunolabeling against the astrocyte marker GFAP (green). Left and right columns illustrate the range of CTB labeling noted within individual retina, where the left column represents low intensity labeling and the right column represents high intensity labeling. Aged DBA/2 (D) retina exhibits the greatest degree of variability in CTB labeling intensity. However, aged C57 and young DBA/2 also exhibit some degree of spatial variability in CTB labeling. Astrocyte morphology appears to differ with respect to degree of CTB labeling aged C57, young DBA/2 and aged DBA/2 retina, particularly with regard to the area covered by GFAP+ astrocytes. Scale is the same for (A-D).