Invertebrate Bactericidal Activity %
Perna viridis  
  A. baumannii E.coli k1 P. aeruginosa
Gills 82.4 47.36 99.4
GIT 94.4 34.21 99.6
Gonad 92.22 21.05 95.61
Nerita albicilla      
  A. baumannii E.coli k1 P. aeruginosa
Gills 62.84 34.21 99.12
GIT 77.5 74.3 97.5
Gonad 28.17 84.8 90
Ozius rugulosus      
  A. baumannii E.coli k1 P. aeruginosa
Gills 93.8 98.4 98.1
GIT 75 89.8 96.7
Gonad 85.2 82.8 88
Note: This table indicated P. aeruginosa maximally inhibited by methanol extracts of Perna viridis, Nerita albicilla and Ozius rugulosus. Methanol extracts of marine invertebrates were also capable to inhibit A. baumannii and E. coli k1 growth greatly. Low antibacterial activity was seen in case of Perna viridis (gonads) with minimal inhibition at 21.0% against E. coli K1. Marine invertebrates’ extracts had the overall best activity against pathogens.
Table 1: Effect of (methanol) tissue extracts on survival of A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa and E. coli K1. B.E: The effectiveness and ability of an antimicrobial agent to inhibit and kill bacteria.