Parameter Control (n=22) Moderate (n=23) Severe (n=18) p value
Age in years (Mean ± SEM) 40.14 ± 2.38 42.52 ± 2.63 39.56 ± 1.51 0.631
Gender Female, Male 14, 8 16, 7 15, 3 0.391
Age data is represented as Mean ± SEM in control (n=22), moderate CFS/ME (n=23) and severe CFS/ME (n=18). *signifies p<0.05 between participant groups. There were no significant differences in age or gender within the research groups. CFS/ME: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; Standard Error of the Mean.
Table 1: Participant characteristics and comparisons of the age (mean ± standard deviation) and gender distribution of each participant group (control, moderate and severe).