Patient # GI manifestation prior to or at diagnosis GI manifestation during follow up Specific GI therapy (length of therapy)
1 Constipation, colitis None Hypoallergenic diet
2 None Oral aphthous ulcers, vomiting and diarrhea None
3 Colitis Recurrent colitis, tongue ulcers, intussusceptions. Mesalamine.
4 Prolonged diarrhea, chronic constipation Oral aphthous ulcers None
5 Colitis Oral aphthous ulcers, colitis relapse, peri-anal abscess Systemic steroids
6 NA* Colitis, peri-anal fissure, lower GI bleeding, inflammatory colonic polyps Systemic steroids (1.2 years), Mesalamine, Azathioprine.
7 NA* Peri-anal fissure, colitis, constipation Peri-anal fissure Surgery, stool softeners
8 None Oral aphthous ulcers None
9 Vomiting, colitis Spontaneous small bowel perforation, colonic strictures Systemic steroids (11.6 years), Mesalamine, Azathioprine, Metronidazole, Gastric feeding tube, Home total parenteral nutrition.
10 Colitis None Systemic steroids (4 years), Metronidazole
11 Peri-anal disease Colitis, lower GI bleeding, recurrent peri-anal fissures Systemic steroids (0.25 years), Colectomy
*NA: Not applicable as diagnosed at birth due to family history of CGD; FTT: Failure To Thrive; GI: Gastrointestinal; INFg: Interferon-gamma
Table 2: Gastrointestinal manifestations among patients with CGD.