Figure 1: The characteristics of the seven experimental groups. (A) Our method for inducing bone marrow chimerism. Groups were as follows: 1) untreated BXSB positive control; 2) 4Gy total body irradiated (TBI) BXSB; 3) TBI and anti-CD40L mAb (MR1) administerd with i.p. BXSB, 4~6; recipient BXSB received TBI +MR1 i.p. and transplanted bone marrow from different strains of donor mice; 4) BXSB (H-2b)- transplanted-MHC matched donor C57BL/6(H-2b); 5) BXSB (H-2b)-transplanted-MHC mismatched donor BALB/C(H-2d); 6) BXSB (H-2b)-transplanted haploidentical donor C57B/6×BALB/C F1(H-2b/d); 7) untreated age-matched C57BL/6 served as normal controls. (B) Evaluation of glomerulonephritis by histopathological grading. Results are shown as mean ± SD for each group. NS: No Significant differences.