Figure 7: Cell tracking strategies. (A) Noncontrast CT in acute ischemic stroke and SPECT of in vitro 111In-troponolate-labeled neutrophils demonstrate cell infiltration into the infarcted brain region. (B) In vivo and ex vivo MR imaging of iron oxide labeled T-lymphocytes in EAE mice, and corresponding histological evidence of demyelination (H&E and luxol fast blue staining). (C) MBP-specific CD4+ T-lymphocytes were transduced with a GFP-luciferase retroviral vector and transferred into naïve or MBP-immunized EAE mice. On bioluminescence imaging, cells localized at the immunization sites as well as the brain in a clinically symptomatic mouse but not in a naïve control mouse. (D) MRI and PET of a patient with glioma injected with genetically targeted autologous cytolytic CD8+ T lymphocytes to express the IL-13 zetakine gene and herpes simplex virus 1 thymidine kinase suicide gene, which allows for PET detection using the radiotracer 18F-FHBG. (Modified from Price et al. [146], Anderson et al. [155], Costa et al. [205] and Yaghoubi et al. [206] with permission).