Figure 8: Cytotoxic effect of cPiPP-curcumin on MOLT- 4 cells. (a) 0.1 million cells were cultured with RPMI 1640 supplemented with (i) 0 μg, (ii) 10 μg, (iii) 50 μg, and (iv) 100 μg/ml of the antibody equivalent, for 48 h. FACS analysis of cells was carried out after staining with Propidium Iodide. (b) Cytotoxic effect of cPiPP curcumin conjugate on MOLT-4 cells by FACS analysis of PI-stained cells at (i) 0 μg, (ii) 10 μg, (iii) 50 μg, and (iv) 100 μg/ml. Percentages of dead cells appearing in right lower quadrant were 0.9, 68, 96 and 98.3%, respectively. (c) The cytotoxic effect of the immunoconjugate was confirmed by trypan blue exclusion assay. Curcumin conjugated to an irrelevant antibody (MoAb 730) was devoid of cytotoxicity on MOLT-4 cells. (d) Lack of cytotoxic action of cPiPP-curcumin conjugate on PBMCs bearing CD13 marker of an AML patient (R.D.) (9).