Figure 4: 5- FU/Chamomile extract treated group: At day 8, the dorsal surface of tongue showing almost restoration of normal histology of epithelium, and connective tissue. The filiform papillae appear with pointed tips (A1, H & E x100; A2, Trichrome x100), and nearly normal histology of fungiform papilla was also seen (A3, H & E x400). At day 12 , the filiform papillae showing changes in its shape with thick keratin covering (B1, H&E x100) and appear like the birth day candle (B2, Trichrome x100; B3, Trichrome x400). Mild and negative Ki-67 immuno reactivity in nuclei of epithelial cells at day 8 and 12 respectively (C1, immunohistochemistry ×400; C2 immunohistochemistry ×100). Mild and negative cytoplasmic reaction to Bcl-2 in tongue epithelium at day 8 (C3, immunohistochemistry ×400) and 12(C4,immunohistochemistry ×100) respectively.