Author No of IBD patients (active disease) Results Treatment
Ho [4] UC 90 High FCC in patients failing medical therapy and requiring emergency colectomy Steroid and infliximab
Sipponen [36] CD 15 Direct correlation between FCC and endoscopic remission Infliximab (induction phase)
af Björkesten [37] CD 64 A FCC cut off 94 µg/g has sensitivity 84% and specificity 74% in identify endoscopic remission infliximab
De Vos [31] UC 53 Normalization of FCC in all patients achieving remission infliximab
IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease; UC Ulcerative Colitis; CD: Crohn’s Disease; FCC: Fecal Calprotectin Concentration
Table 1: Main studies on role of fecal calprotectin in assessment of therapy response.