Author No of IBD patients (in clinical remission) Results
Tibble [11] 43 CD
37 UC
Basal FCC ≥ 250 mg/g predicts a 13-fold increased risk for relapse within a year
Costa [5] 38 CD
41 UC
Basal FCC ≥ 150 mg/g is highly predictive for a relapse in the next year
Garcia-Sanchez, [39] 69 CD
69 UC
CD: basal FCC ≥ 200 mg/g predicts a 4-fold increased risk for relapse in the next year
UC: basal FCC ≥ 120 mg/g predicts a 6-fold increased risk for relapse
Laharie, [40] 65 CD No showed correlations between FCC and risk for relapse  
De Vos, [41] 87 UC Basal FCC ≥ 300 mg/g correlate with relapse in the next year. Two consecutive value >300 mg/g with an 1 month interval is the best predictor of flare
Lasson, [42] 69 UC Basal FCC >262 mg/g has an increased risk of relapse during the first 3 years after onset
Mao, [43] 318 UC
354 CD
The pooled sensitivity and specificity of FC to predict relapse of quiescent IBD was 78% and 73%, respectively, with comparable results between UC and CD.
IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease; UC: Ulcerative Colitis; CD: Crohn’s Disease; FCC: Fecal Calprotectin Concentration
Table 2: Main studies on role of fecal calprotectin in assessment of relapse prediction.