Figure 2: In vivo activity of the CII-2 and CII-BPI-2 peptides in suppressing collagen-induced arthritis in the mouse model after varying injections. In study-III, DBA1BO male mice were immunized with CII/CFA intradermally and given a booster dose on day 21 as described in Materials and Methods. The mice were then given three i.v. injections of peptides (100 nmol/injection) on days 17, 22, and 25 or four injections on days 17, 22, 25, and 28. The disease progression was observed by monitoring the changes in the volume of (A) all four paws or (B) just the hind paws. Results are expressed as the mean ± standard error (n=7–9). Statistical values showed that three or four injections of CII-BPI-2 and CII-2 were significantly better than PBS (p <0.0001, days 34-44). Four injections of CII-2 were more effective compared to three injections (p <0.001, days 34-44). Three injections of CII-BPI-2 were better than three injections of CII-2 (p <0.001, days 34-44). Data from all four limbs as well as hind limbs alone showed that there was a trend indicating that four injections of CII-BPI-2 were better than three injections.