Figure 2: HIV-depressed patients have higher plasma IL-15, IP-10,IL12 p40/p70 levels. Panels A, C, E, and G: Cytokines (panel A: IL-15; panel C, IP10; panel E: IL-12 p40/p70; panel F: G-CSF) were measured simultaneously using the Luminex’s MAGPIX (with xPONENT 4.1 program) and a cytokine magnetic bead panel(MILLIPLEX HCYTMAG-60K-PX39). Significance was calculated using Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test. Solid black lines represent the median of each group and dashed boxes denote the first to third quartiles. Observed values greater than 1.5*IQR from the quartiles are highlighted as possible near outliers (+). Panels B, D, F and H:2-sided Spearman correlation tests between the levels of IL-15(panel B), IP-10 (panel D), IL-12 p40/p70 (panel F), or G-CSF(panel H) and the levels of depression symptoms. CB: Confidence Band. The cut-off for significance was p= 0.05.