Figure 4: NoV GII-4-specific interferon-γ (IFN-γ responses. (A) Splenocytes of mice immunized by IM or IN route with a NoV vaccine candidate containing 10 μg GII-4 VLPs or control mice receiving PBS were stimulated in vitro with GII-4 capsid derived 15-mer peptide (NP-4) or with the homologous GII-4 VLPs. IFN-γ production at a single cell level was detected by an ELISPOT assay. (B) T cell restriction of the NoV GII-4-specific IFN-γ production. Cells were stimulated with the NP-4 peptide or GII-4 VLPs in the presence or absence of CD4 and CD8 specific antibodies to block the T cell activation. Results are expressed as the mean Spot Forming Cells (SFC)/106 cells of at least two independent experiments with standard errors.