Figure 5: NoV GII-4-specific humoral and cell-mediated immune responses induced by sequential immunization. Group of mice were immunized with a NoV vaccine candidate containing 10 μg GII-4 VLPs at day 0 by IM delivery and day 21 by IN delivery. (A) NoV GII-4-specific IgA antibodies were analyzed from serum and fecal suspensions. Serum samples were two-fold diluted starting at a 1:20 dilution and 10% fecal suspension were analyzed starting at a 1:2 dilution. Shown are mean ODs with standard errors of the replicates. (B) NoV GII-4-specific IFN-γ responses after stimulating the splenocytes with GII-4 capsid derived 15-mer peptide (NP-4) or culture media (CM) only. Shown are the mean spot forming cells (SFC)/106 cells of the individually tested mice with the standard errors.