B cell Phenotype CD Markers
Total B cells CD19+
NaïveB cells CD19+CD27-IgD+
Mature NaïveB cells CD19+CD27-CD10-CD38-
Switched MemoryB cells CD19+CD27+IgD-
Non-switched MemoryB cells CD19+CD27+IgD+
Double negativeB cells CD19+CD27-IgD-
T1/2B cells CD19+CD27-CD10+CD38+IgD+
T3B cells CD19+CD27-CD10-CD38+IgD+
Plasmablasts CD19DIMCD27HIGHIgD-CD38HIGH
IgM+B cells CD19+CD27+IgD-IgM+
HLA-DR+B cells CD19+CD27+IgD-CD38+CD138-HLA-DR+
Regulatory B cells (Bregs) CD19+CD27LOWCD21+CD5+CD1dHIGH
B cell activation markers CD19+CD27LOWCD21+CD5+CD1dHIGHCD81+
B cell receptor complex (BCR) CD19+CD79α+CD79β+
Surface IgM CD19+CD79α+CD79β+IgM+
Surface IgD CD19+CD79α+CD79β+IgD+
Surface IgA CD19+CD79α+CD79β+IgA+
Surface IgE CD19+CD79α+CD79β+IgE+
*CD - Cluster of Differentiation, Ig - Immunoglobulin; HLA - Human Leucocyte Antigen; T1/2 - transitional 1 and 2; T3 - transitional 3.
Table 1: Antibodies combinations for B cell subsets.