Protein Functions
MIF Immune factor; binds to CD74 to trigger acute immune response
CTSC Peptidase; central coordinator for activation of many serine proteases in immune/inflammatory cells
CTSS Peptidase; involved in antigen presentation on MHC class II molecules and function as an elastase in alveolar macrophages
ANXA2 Phospholipid-binding protein; involved in cellular processes such as cell motility, ion channel formation, and cell matrix interactions
FLNA Actin-binding protein; regulates reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton by interacting with integrins
LRG1 Involved in signal transduction and granulocyte differentiation
Lum Keratan sulfate proteoglycan; regulates collagen fibril organization, epithelial cell migration, and tissue repair
ITIH4 IαI protein; forms (SHAP)-HA complex; present at high concentration in rheumatoid arthritic synovial fluid
MANF Secreted protein; protects nigral dopaminergic neurons and cardiac myocytes
ACR Protease; involved in lysis of the zona pellucida, thus facilitating penetration of the sperm through glycoprotein layers of the ovum
SIAE Acetylesterase; interferes with Siglec binding on immune cells
Based on data reported in [3]. MIF:Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor; CTSC:Cathepsin C; CTSS:Cathepsin S; ANXA2:Annexin A2; FLNA:Filamin A alpha; LRG1:Leucine-Rich Alpha-2-Glycoprotein 1; Lum:Lumican; ITIH4:Inter-alpha-Trypsin Inhibitor Heavy Chain 4; MANF:Mesencephalic Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor; ACR:Acrosin; SIAE:Sialic Acid Acetylesterase
Table 2: Partial list of protein contaminants in bth type iv-s.