Figure 4: Urea and nitrite production in polarized macrophages. A. Nitrate production in BMA cells. Following treatment, the supernatant was collected to determine the amount of NO produced. Treatment with IFNγ+LPS induced a significant production of NO in BMA cells. Data shown represents the average of 3 replicates; error bars represent the standard deviation. B. Production of urea from BMA cell lysates was measured to detect arginase activity. Cells were treated with IFNγ+LPS, IL-4, or grown in media only (NT, non-treated). Treatment with IL-4 was found to significantly increase urea production compared to both untreated and IFNγ+LPS treated cells. Values are represented as μg urea adjusted to μg cell lysate. Data shown are mean ± SD of three representative experiments (p<0.005).