Figure 3: Quantification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb)- specific IFN-g-producing cells of TB-IRIS patients and non-IRIS individuals using ELISPOT. Data were extracted as median from all articles that used ELISPOT to quantify IFN-g-producing cells in response to Mtb antigens (PPD, ESAT-6, 85B, 38KD, Acr 1 and 2 and lipomannan) [18- 20- 22- 30- 35]. TB-IRIS group: median: 3,216 SFC/106 PBMC, IQR 1,528-4,616 SFC/106 PBMC; non-IRIS group: (441.5 SFC/106 PBMC, IQR 233.5-563.3 SFC/106 PBMC). Mann-Whitney test (p<0.05).