Figure 4: Impaired reconstitution of EBV-specific CD4+ T-cell responses post SCT. A) Representative FACS plots of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells for 3 patients (without EBV reactivation (two left columns), low EBV reactivation (two center columns) and high EBV reactivation (two right columns) throughout follow up (t=0, 2, 4, 6 and 12). IFNγ production was measured after BZLF-1 peptide pool stimulation. FACS plots show CD4+ (left panel for each patient) or CD8+ (right panel for each patient) expression on x-axis and IFNγ production on y-axis. B) Dot plot comparing IFNγ production after BZLF-1 stimulation (left panel) or EBNA-1 stimulation (right panel) between healthy controls and 1 year post SCT samples. EBNA-1 specific CD4+ T cells were impaired in patients 1 year post SCT compared to healthy controls (p=0.03).