Figure 1: SEB induces proliferative anergy memory CD4 T cells in vivo. CFSE-labeled DO11.10 CD4+ naïve (left panels) and memory (right panels) T cells were injected into BALB/c mice. After 24 hrs of rest, the mice were immunized with the indicated agent, the times of exposure to each agent is indicated in the figure). In the bottom row, after an additional 24 h the SEB-injected mice were also immunized with OVA. At 66 h (42 h in the bottom row) after the last stimulus injection, lymph node cells were collected and stained with mAb KJ1-26, and proliferation was assessed. Cell proliferation was indicated by decreased fluorescence as determined by flow cytometry. Data are gated to show CFSE staining on viable KJ1-26+ cells.