Figure 3: miR-323-5p mediates AMPKα1 deletion-induced iNOS expression in Abcd1-KO mice mixed glial cells. (A) Abcd1-KO mixed glial cells were silenced for scrambled control (Scr) or AMPKα1 as described in section 2. iNOS mRNA expression (B) was induced and miR-323-5p expression decreased (C) in Abcd1- KO mixed glial cells deleted for AMPKα1 using lentiviral particles. Abcd1-KO mixed glial cells deleted or AMPKα1 and co-transfected with miR-323-5p mimic (MIM) or inhibitors (INB) modulated iNOS mRNA (D) and protein (E) levels. Mimic and inhibitor transfected cells were compared with negative control (NGC) transfected cells. Results represent the mean ± SD of triplicates from three different experiments. ***p<0.001.