Sensitizing injection
Oral EIF treatment HA Titre
PC i.v. - 175 ± 25
NC - + -
E i.v. + 350 ± 50
Table 1: Effect of EIF on Haemagglutination (HA) titer in Wistar rats. i.v.: intravenous; SRBCs : Sheep Red Blood Cells. In case of PC (Positive Control), rats have shown HA titer of 175 ± 25 while in case of E (Experimental) the HA titer had jumped to 350 ± 50. Thus E is showing a great increase in antibody formation on oral treatment with EIF. However, in case of NC (Negative Control) as no sensitizing injection was given, no antibody formation was seen. Hence there was no question of HA titer.