Figure 4: Phylogenetic analysis showing evolutionary relationship among host – response proteins that are activated in the final instar larva of B. mori after infestation by the dipteran parasitoid, E. bombycis: Unrooted phylogram revealed three clusters (A, B, C) which showed protein divergence at different timings of evolution. Oval circle represents central node. Note the early divergence of caspase and late divergence of BmToll in Cluster A, fork formation of Dorsal and BmRel from a common ancestor in Cluster B and co-differentiation of Atg5, AIF and PPO2 in Cluster C. Bold arrow heads indicate the bootstrap values greater than 50% computed from 1000 replications. Accession numbers in red fonts in each group represent protein from B. mori. Details of the proteins are as given in the legend of Figure 2 and Supplementary Table 2.