Gene name Physiological function Co-regulated genes in B. mori
Dorsal NF ΚB transcription factor BmToll, Spatzle
BmRel NF ΚB transcription factor PPAE, Hsp70, Caspase
Spatzle Cytokine that binds with Toll receptor to initiate the Toll signalling Dorsal, Caspase
PPAE Enzyme that activates prophenol oxidase activity to initiate melanisation DDC, Chaperonin, Hsp70, BmRel, Caspase
Caspase Apoptosis induction Notch, Spatzle, PPAE, BmRel
*Anitha et al. 2013
Table 3: Genes that showed pleiotropic regulation* of expression of different genes in the normal larvae of B. mori and deregulated after infestation with E. bombycis.