HLA molecule Amino acid resides at the designated positions on the MHC proteins
HLA-A Y321 A325 D328
HLA-B Y321 A325 D328
HLA-C C321 A325 N328
HLA-E Y321 E325 D328
Table 1: The different cytoplasmic amino acid residues amongst the four HLA haplotypes -A, -B, -C and -E. The Table shows the amino acid residues on the different Class I HLA molecules based on the primary amino acid sequence. The amino acid residues that Nef requires for downregulation of classical MHC proteins (HLA A & B) to prevent immune recognition by CD8+ T cells are represented in normal text. The amino acid residues highlighted in bold text are those that prevent Nef mediated MHC downregulation and therefore prevent NK cell activation.