Registered No. Intervention Start Year Patient Phase Sponsor Status
NCT01749865 CIK 2008 After radical resection III Sun Yat-sen University Completed
NCT00562666 Gamma delta T lymphocytes 2008 Non operable tumor I Rennes University Hospital Terminated
NCT00699816 Immuncell-LC: in vitro activated T cells 2008 Stage of I or II, tumor completely removed by resection III Green Cross Cell Corporation Completed
NCT00769106 CIK 2008 After radical resection III Sun Yat-sen University Completed
NCT01024530 IKCs: ex vivo expanded autologous IKCs plus TACE 2009 Never receive TACE treatment II/III Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital unknown
NCT01147380 Liver NK cell inoculation with liver transplantation 2010 Liver transplant recipient with HCC I Seigo Nishida, University of Miami Completed
NCT01174121 Short-term cultured, autologous TILs 2010 Metastatic HCC standard chemotherapy II National Cancer Institute (NCI) Recruiting
NCT01462903 Autologous TILs plus IL-2 2011 Metastatic HCC I Sun Yat-sen University Recruiting
NCT01758679 CIK and Licartin 2012 Postoperative HCC IV Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital Recruiting
NCT01801852 Autologous NKT cell infusion 2013 Refractory to conventional treatment I Chinese PLA General Hospital Recruiting
NCT02026362 CTL induced by DC loaded with multiple antigens 2013 After complete resection I SYZ Cell Therapy Co. Recruiting
NCT01821482 DCs and CIKs 2013 After complete resection or TACE II Guangxi Medical University Not yet Recruiting
NCT01897610 Immuncell-LC: activated T cells, with Nexavar 2013 Stage III and IV, Nexavar treated or ready to be treated II Green Cross Cell Corporation Recruiting
NCT02008929 MG4101: ex vivo expanded allogeneic NK Cell 2014 After curative resection II Samsung Medical Center Recruiting
NCT01914263 Cord Blood-derived CIKs 2014 After radical resection I Alliancells-PuRuiBiocience Co., Ltd. Recruiting
NCT02487017 DC-CIK combined with TACE 2015 After TACE treatment II Shenzhen Hornetcorn Bio-technology Company Recruiting
HCC: Hepatocellular Carcinoma; CIK: Cytokine-induced Killer; IKC: Immune Killer Cell; CTL: Cytolytic T lymphocyte; DC: Dendritic Cell; IL: Interleukin; NK: Natural Killer; NKT: Natural Killer T; TACE: TransarterialChemoembolization; TIL: TumorInfiltrating Lymphocyte
Table 3: Clinical trials applying adoptive therapy for treatment of HCC.