Inhibitor Type of molecule Target Other targets (IC50, nM) Notes Reference
PLX3397 Small-molecule inhibitor CSF-1R CSF-1R (20)KIT (10) Crosses blood-brain barrier [36]
GW2580 Small-molecule inhibitor CSF-1R     [37]
BLZ945 Small-molecule inhibitor CSF-1R   Crosses blood-brain barrier [38]
5A1 Blocking mAbantibody CSF-1     [39]
M279 Blocking mAbantibody CSF1-R     [40]
H27K15 Blocking mAbantibody CSF-1R   Impairs receptor dimerization [41]
AFS98 Blocking mAbantibody CSF-1R     [42]
12-2D6 Blocking mAbantibody CSF-1R   Blocks either CSF-1 or IL-34  binding [44] [43]
2-4A5 Blocking mAbantibody CSF-1R   Blocks CSF-1 but not  IL-34 binding [44] [43]
mAb: Monoclonal Antibody; CSF-1: Colony Stimulating Factor-1; CSF-1R: CSF- 1 Receptor
Table 1: CSF-1R signaling inhibitors cited in the text.