Serum sample Luminex- (Single Donor/ ID) Ab specificities     PRA (%) AMS-ELISA-CM
Class I Class II
08/2012 & Class I: anti-A9 (23,24), -B7 -B27, -B40 (60,61), -B47, -B81 54% n.d. n.d.
Class II: neg.    0%    
07/2013 # Class I: anti-A9 (23,24), -B7 -B27, -B40 (60,61), -B47, -B81 60% pos. (1:6) neg.
Class II: neg. 0%    
08/2013 § Class I: anti-A9 (23,24) , -B7 -B27, -B40 (60,61), -B47, -B81 58% pos. (1:6) neg.
Class II: neg. 0%    
n.d.: not done; neg.: negative; pos.: positive; &: antibody specification as prerequisite for entering the waiting list; #: antibody analyses at the date of the rejection episode; §: antibody analyses after three apheresis cycles; bold lettering: donor-specific antibodies as detected by virtual (Luminex) or de facto (AMS-ELISA) cross-matching at the highest dilution (parentheses).
Table 2: Results of Luminex-based anti-HLA antibody specification analyses and corresponding outcomes of the AMS-crossmatch ELISA for the 42-year old lung recipient highlighting an involvement of anti- HLA DSA (anti-HLA-B7).