Serum sample GTI-Screening Class I/II ELISA Lum.- (ID) Ab- specificities    PRA (%) AbCr.-CM ELISA
Class I/Class II
02/2014 * neg./neg. n.d. n.d. n.d./n.d.
06/2014 $ neg./neg. class I: neg 0 % neg/neg.
    class II: neg 0 %  
07/2014 # pos./pos. class I: anti-A2, -B60, -B13 44% pos./pos.
    class II: anti-DR4, -DR8, -DQ3(7,8,9), -DQ4, -DR3(17,18), -DR5(11,12) 80%  
n.d.: not done; neg.: negative; pos.: positive; *antibody specification as prerequisite for entering the waiting list; $: antibody analyses at the date of transplantation; #: antibody analyses at the date of the rejection episode; bold lettering: donor-specific antibodies as detected by virtual (Luminex) or de facto (AbCross-ELISA) cross-matching at the highest dilution (parentheses).
Table 3: Rapid upcoming of anti-HLA DSA in a lung recipient after four weeks as shown by virtual and ELISA-based de facto cross matching.