Sensitizing injection Shocking injection Oral ZOSL treatment Results
PC BSA (i.p.) BSA (i.v.) - 0/6 0/6
NC BSA (i.p.) OVA (i.v.) - 0/6 0/6
E1 BSA (i.p.) BSA (i.v.) + 0/6 0/6
E2 BSA (i.p.) BSA (i.v.) - 0/6 0/6
+ ZOSL (i.v.)
PC: Positive Control; NC: Negative Control; E1: Experimental 1; E2: Experimental 2; OVA: Ovalbumin;i.p:intraperitonial;i.v.: intravenous; S/T: Number of anaphylactic symptoms/total no. of rats;D/T: Number of anaphylactic deaths/total no. of rats
Table 2: Effect of ZOSL in inhibiting systemic anaphylaxis in Wistar rats. It can be seen from the results that E1 is showing complete prevention of anaphylactic shock after regular administration of ZOSL.