Inhibitors concentration Cellular variability
NAC 20mM 93.7 ± 12
BMS205820 4 μM 96.8 ± 20.1
Mithramycin 100 nM 89.4 ± 15
Table 1: MTT-based cytotoxicity assay of inhibitors from the following pathways in U937 cells: ROS, NF-κB, and Sp1. U937 cells were incubated for 1 hour with N-acetylcysteine (20 mM) or mythramicyn (100 nM) or medium, and the cellular viability was assessed by using the MTT reduction assay, as described in the “Methods” section. Results are mean ± SD of one representative experiment in triplicates. Statistical differences were considered when p<0.05.