Figure 1: Comparison of expanded mouse cancer-specific CTL between ZYX bioreactor and static culture. Splenocytes from BALB/c mice primed with Renca cells were expanded in ZYX bioreactor or static culture with the media containing mouse IL2 and IL7 for 6 days, then the CD8+ cells were isolated and further cultured for 3 more days. Then the cells were counted and in vitro and in vivo CTL assays were conducted. A. Significantly increased total cancer-specific CTL expansion in ZYX Bioreactor culture when compared to static culture (P<0.01, n=6). B. In vitro CTL assay showed the enhanced cancer-specific CTL cytotoxicity to cancer cells expanded in ZYX Bioreactor in comparison to static culture (P<0.01 for all E:T ratios, n=6). C. In vivo CTL assay: two different doses (0.2 and 1 × 106/0.2 ml) of cancer cells were inoculated subcutaneously and mice respectively received cancer-specific CTL expanded in ZYX bioreactor and static culture. Six weeks later, tumor size was measured. For the non-specific expansion, cells were cultured in ZYX Bioreactor but no stimulator cells were added. Compared to the non-specific expansion, the tumor size was significantly smaller (P<0.01, n=6) in the mice received CTL stimulated by irradiated cancer cells, and compared to static culture, the tumor size of the mice who received CTL stimulated and expanded in ZYX bioreactor was further reduced (P<0.05, n=6).