Figure 3: Anti-hnRNP A1 antibodies alter RNA levels as measured by RT-PCR. SK-N-SH cells were cultured in 100mm plastic dishes. Cells were treated with anti-hnRNP A1-M9 antibodies or isoytpemathced control IgG at a concentration of 8ug/mL. Following a 48 hour incubation, cells were lysed and RNA extracted. RNA quality was determined by nano-drop and cDNA was synthesized. RT-PCR was run in duplicates to measure RNA levels of genes of interest and each experiment was performed three times. Results (mean ± standard deviation) revealed decreased levels of SPG4 and SPG7 RNA levels in anti-hnRNP A1-M9 antibody treated cells compared to controls. *p ≤ 0.05 analyzed by t-test. WCL: Whole Cell Lysate.