Figure 4: Anti-hnRNP A1 antibodies alter protein levels as measured by Western blot. SK-N-SH cells were cultured and treated with anti-hnRNP A1 antibodies or control IgG. Following a 48 hour incubation, cells were lysed and protein lysate was run on 10% Trisglycine gels for Western blot analysis and probed for Beta-actin (A) or GAPDH (B)) (control), hnRNP A1, SPG4, SPG7, and SPG20. Results revealed that there was a marked reduction of SPG 4 and SPG 7 protein levels in anti-hnRNP A1 antibody compared to control isotype IgG treated cells. There was a variable response to hnRNP A1 protein and a modest reduction of SPG 20. Parentheses show relative percent reduction of signal comparing anti-hnRNP A1 antibody to control isotype IgG treatment of cells. (L=lysate, IgG=control isotype IgG, A1=anti-hnRNP A1-M9 antibody treatment of cells).