Figure 2: Calpain-1 is activated by calcium during eosinophil apoptosis.
(A) Calpain-1 immunoblot analysis in PBEos lysed immediately (0), left untreated (R), or treated as shown. The p80 and p76 calpain signals were quantified with Image J software 1.34S (NIH) and ratio calculated and normalized to that observed for control untreated PBEos.
(B) Immunoblot analysis of a-spectrin in eosinophils treated as (A).
(C) PBEos were treated as shown, lysed and calpain-1 autolysis was determined by immunoblot. ** p<0.01; # p< 0.05 (one-way ANOVA). Data representative of at least 3 independent experiments from different donors and expressed as the mean SEM.