Stastical analysis
(I) Meningioma (Disease control)-M=0.134, SD=0.0081, p<0.0001
(II) Grade I (Untreated)-M=0.137, SD=0.0089, (Treated) M=0.162, SD=0.0098, p<0.0001
(III) Grade II (Untreated)-M=0.146, SD=0.0022, (Treated) M=0.154, SD=0.0078, p<0.0001
(IV) Grade III (Untreated)-M=0.174, SD=0.0034, (Treated) M=0.178, SD=0.0092, p>0.05
(V) Grade IV (Untreated)-M=0.195, SD=0.0082, (Treated) M=0.195, SD=0.0092, p>0.05
*M: Mean; SD: Standard Deviation.
Figure 3: Estimation of phagocytosis by peripheral macrophages against autologous tumor cells by nitro blue tetrazolium reduction assay in all four grades of human glioma. Comparative study were made between untreated and T11TS treated peripheral macrophages in all four grades of glioma. Mean SD is based upon six meningioma, twenty each of grade I to IV glioma samples. Meningioma were used as disease control. Significant enhancement of cytotoxic effect were observed in T11TS treated cells of grade I and II glioma. No such significant change reported between T11TS treated and non treated groups of grade III and IV glioma.