Marker category Sample type Type of molecule Name
Diagnosis Serum and CSF
Antibody Anti-AQP 4    
Diagnosis and Disease activity Serum and CSF
miRNA hsa-miR-326 (+)    
hsa-miR-155 (+)    
Antibody Anti-NSE    
Disease activity Serum and CSF
Antibody Anti-Tubulin anti-HSP60  
Anti-NF-H anti-MOG  
anti-α crystalline anti-MBP  
anti-HSP 70    
Protein and SNP IL12 (+)    
Protein Tubulin (+) IL17 (+) GDNF (-=recov.)
NF-H (+) TNF-a (+) NGF (-=recov.)
IFN γ (+) CCL2 (-) NT3 (-=recov.)
CCL5 (+) IP-10 (+) NT4 (-=recov.)
Metabolite Nitric Oxide products (+)  
CSF and PBMC [5] Protein BDNF (-=recov.)    
cellular marker CD19+ CD138+ B cells (+)  
CSF and blood [68,70] mRNA and protein Leptin (+)    
FCER1A (+)    
Disease activity and treatment response CSF and serum [56,67] mRNA BAFF (+)    
Antibody Anti-Baff    
Protein and mRNA IL10 (-)    
Protein CXCL13 (+)    
sVCAM (+)    
CNS and blood [6] mRNA and protein IL17F (+)    
(+) and (-) are in MS upregulated or downregulated molecules. (-=recov.) are proteins that are downregulated during recovery phases of MS
Table 3: Selection of putative markers shared between CNS and blood.